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by Mark Ashworth


Is there anyone who could help me in my search for a specimen of the species Phalaenopsis taenialis? Apparently few people are growing it, or offering it for sale. I appreciate any direction that can be given. Thank you.

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  1. Carol Holdren
    over 1 year ago
    Hi Mark, Looking at OrchidWiz it used to be called Kingiella taenialis or Phal braceana so some may know it from that. It is a cooler grower so maybe a specialty phal grower in Canada or the upper US would know of it. Hope this helps and I will ask the Phal growers I know here is Florida. Carol
    1. Mark Ashworth
      over 1 year ago
      Hi Carol. Thanks so much! I am continuing my search, and if you do hear of anything that might help me locate a specimen, please let me know. Thanks again! Mark

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