Orchid Species in the Philippines


by unknown user

Greetings everyone! There is a certain specie of orchid that I've been fascinated with ever since I was a child. Although I wasn't able to acquire its common name.

I don't have any images of this particular orchid after I left my grandma's house and I'm not really sure if it is still there and survived. All I can do is describe it.


Location: Palawan, Philippines

Orchid Description:

The orchid grows in bundles like a big bird's nest that clump together. It has small, white flowers that bloom once every year during the dry season (between December to May, I forgot the exact month it blooms). The flowers bloom early in the morning around 5 am and release a very aromatic scent to nearby areas for the whole day, then the flowers wilt in the afternoon at around 5 to 6 pm. The blooming goes on for around 3 days before the orchid blooming season ends. But the most recognizable and memorable part is the aromatic scent that smells so nice and refreshing.


Hoping that someone would be able to identify this orchid species.

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  1. Carol Holdren
    about 1 year ago
    Hi Ralph, I did some research and found there are 1162 total species of orchids found in the Philippines. I went through the names that had photos but did not find many white flowers and no mention of that type of growing conditions. I have an email out to a grower of Philippine orchids so let’s see if he has an idea about the plant. Carol Holdren, Orchids.org

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