Error in plant origination


by Burt Holstein

I was looking up information regarding a very special cymbidium that I have had for some time that was purchased in the early 2000s from Gallup and Stribling.Orchids. This was a first bloom unamed seedling labeled  Fancy Free x Via Spring Snow.  I just read in your descriptive page on this website that the originator and registant for this hybrid is someone named Viengkhou from 2012 and registtered as Fancy Spring  I do not know precisely what is meant by originator but  if it  means the individual who originally made the cross, this is likely incorrect.  The first picture of my plant that I can verify is from 2003 and as I said the hybridizer is Gallup and Stribling Orchids


and unless  Viengkhou is associated with  Gallup and Stribling  there is a problem here.

B Holstein

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