Dendrobium loddigesii

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by Gilda Gómez

Hello out there orchid lovers.  Newbie here to this site so please be patient with me.

i have a Dendrobium loddigesii mounted to a palm tree and its green and spreading, very healthy.  I do not know how to find information regarding this orchid despite numerous attempts to search this website.

Is there a shortcut for help with search problems?


who knows about this type of orchid that could point me to some info?  I’d like to know how best to care for this orchid and hopefully, help it bloom.

thanks very much!


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  1. Gilda Gómez
    almost 4 years ago
    Regarding the other dendrobium, wondering how it can be added to the data base? As an exercise for me to learn how to do it. Have three new small bag baby orchids and of course, none are listed. Thanks!
  2. Carol Holdren
    almost 4 years ago
    Hi Gilda, Welcome to! Your dendrobium is a species from Laos and Vietnam that grows in dappled light and likes a winter rest. Which means you can reduce water and fertilizer. (According to Orchid Wiz). I noticed you also posted a photo of Den. Hawaii Stripes which does not want a rest. Dendrobium is a very large group with a lot of different culture requirements. But your loddigesii should bloom in the spring.
    1. Gilda Gómez
      almost 4 years ago
      Thank you Carol! It’s in dappled filtered light beneath a robellini palm, mounted to the trunk. Hard to avoid fertilizing because I have a bunch of tolumnia and phals also mounted on these trees (tri). Will try and shield it from further watering and fertilizing!

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