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by Diana King

I have had this compact DEN SUPERBUM ORCHID 4 or5 years inside with light and babbied it and fertilized regularly.  It is not growing and has never bloomed.  I bought it from a grower in Apopa, Florida.  It is in a very small clay pot and looks like it needs to be repotted.  What potting medium should I use?  I would appreciate any comments to help me.

Thank you,

Diana King

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  1. Carol Holdren
    over 1 year ago
    Hi Diana, Den superbum is also called Den anosum and belongs to a group in the Dendrobium family which requires specific conditions to bloom. They are from the Philippines and like bright diffused light in summer, heavy watering and fertilizing and high humidity. The plant grows rapidly in spring and summer but then wants a rest before blooming. So fertilizer should be reduced or eliminated as water is reduced. I put mine outside about October and don’t water or fertilize it. I live in South Florida so it doesn’t freeze. The plant likes the same growing temps all year. Between 61 degrees and 85. But google Dendrobium anosum and see what is recommended. Good luck, Carol

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