cattleya mossiae Willowbrook

General Discussion

by Robert Stagner

Searching for Cattleya mossiae Willowbrook for sale. 

or just Cattleya mossiae species,  not the albas.



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  1. Carol Holdren
    2 months ago
    Robert, I asked my Cattleya expert and he told me that Willowbrook was a Cattleya mossiae clone - not a hybrid. So after Odom Orchids I would check with Andrea Neissen in Colombia. I also checked Orchid Wiz and that confirmed the clonal name.
  2. Carol Holdren
    4 months ago
    Hi Robert, If I were looking for a special Cattleya Clone like that I would call or email Odom’s Orchids and ask them if they knew where you can get it. Odom’s put on a Cattleya Symposium, before Covid, that had a lot of Collectors in attendance. I believe one judge did a talk on Cattleya mossiae. I will look it up and email you the info. Carol

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