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by Debra Johnson

Is there a list of all the Cattleya Allaince orchids? When I see an orchid I am unfamiliar with, how do I determine what family (genus?) it belongs to? Thanks.

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  1. Carol Holdren
    3 months ago
    Hi Debra, There is a nice list in the RHS “Manual of Orchids”. Cattleyas are in the Laeliinae subtribe based on Robert L. Dresser’s 1981 system. There are 32 genera in Laeliinae including Cattleya. Orchids are reclassified due to DNA work being done. The more you work with orchid names the easier it becomes - if you look up the names (google or of the plants you own, especially the hybrids because those will all be in the same alliance. For me knowing the meaning of the orchid name and where it comes from helps also. If you have seen the software program “OrchidWiz” that is a wealth of information. OW gives culture information as well as the history of names. I hope this helps. Carol

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