Can grow light cause deformed leaves?

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by Marilynn Davis

I've been using a Spider Farmer LED 600 grow light this winter. I have noticed that my oncidiums and dendrobiums are forming new growths with acordian-like leaves. The leaves are deeply folded, stiff and hard to separate. Plus there are too many leaves. The plants are not right under the light but are closer that some others. My dendrobium looks like a stalk of corn! I'm keeping phals, papheopedilums and cattleyas are further away from the light and they seem okay. Has anyone else had this problem? 

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  1. Marilynn Davis
    8 months ago
    Thanks, Carol. I decided to repot my dendrobium and the roots looked healthy. I kept the odd looking stalk even though I do not believe it will produce a bloom. I'll pay more attention to watering and flushing the pot. Normally I use distilled water and add a half dose of fertilizer once or twice a month depending on the season. I'll also check out Google pleated leaves as you suggest. Thanks so much for checking with an expert too. I really appreciate it.
  2. Carol Holdren
    8 months ago
    Hi, I hope someone who grows under lights can answer your question. While we wait I looked up “Pleated Leaves” in the articles on this site and they suggest that it is a lack of humidity. Do you flush your pots? The mix can build up salt and watering thoroughly, several time, is needed to flush salts out of the pot. The salt comes from fertilizer. Google pleated dendrobium leaves and see what else is suggested.
    1. Carol Holdren
      8 months ago
      Talking with my orchid friends, they say it is a water issue.
      1. Carol Holdren
        8 months ago
        Hi Marilynn, I just asked a Dendrobium expert and he said it is definitely a water issue. If a plant loses its roots than it cannot take up water. If the roots are not the problem then I would try flushing the plant - preferably with rain water.

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