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by Tony Borowiecki

I mistakenlly entered this in the wrong category. I understand that Beallearas are typically categorized as Oncidiums, Sorry.

(1.) Can a "Beallara Tahoma Glacier" be induced to re-flower on an existing spike, like some/most moth orchids?? I purchased one in-bud, but evidently it was either hurt in transit or it is not happy with its new environment. The one spike's last 8" or so is brown and curled back on itself. Can I cut the spike off, just above a lower node with any hope of it re-animating some flower buds?? 

(2.) Will a "Ben Berliner" benefit from more regular application of weak feertilizer this time of year - almost Winter, here in S. Carolina. The plant is strictly indoor under lights. I've been fertilizing approx. 1/month, and it looks healthy as heck but no flowers in 18 months. 



Tony B.                                              [email protected]

Mt. Pleasant, SC

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  1. Carol Holdren
    almost 2 years ago
    Hi Tony, I don’t believe your Beallara Tahoma Glacier will reflower like a phal. I would cut the spike where it turns brown and enjoy any flowers on it. If and when the flowers are gone, cut the spike so the plant puts all of its energy into growth. I see Tahoma Glacier is now an Aliceara with all of changes in oncidiums. 2. There are several orchids named “Ben Berliner” but in general when a plant is not in growth I don’t believe it is able to make use of fertilizer. Some orchids grow all year and some most of the year so it depends on the type of plant.

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