Arranges Elro

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by Khanh tran

Dear Sir/Mafam,

May I have Tom contact info?  I would like to ask a few questions about aerangis  elfro orchid. 

thanks you,


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  1. Carol Holdren
    about 1 month ago
    Hi Khanh, you mean Tom Kuligowski - Tom is a great photographer, orchid grower and all around terrific guy. Tom has the Angraecum Blog and was kind enough to let us use his articles. When I get permission from Tom to share his email I will send it to you! Thanks, Carol
    1. Jim Williams
      about 1 month ago
      Hey Khanh, it's Jim Williams. I think the plant you have is mislabeled. It's Aergs. Elro (ellissii X modesta) I grew it for a short time before it went to Orchid Heaven. Miss seeing you!!

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