Littlefrog Farm Orchids is a Plant Vendor located in United States

United States
Although I've been selling and showing orchids since near the very beginning, the business did not become formal until approximately 2003. At this point we lived in a more rural area, and I took pity on another commercial grower who was trying to go out of business. I took the greenhouse and moved it 30 miles. All I needed was a name. Fate intervened the night before my first child was born, when I found a little tree frog on the kitchen counter. Hence Littlefrog Farm (note that Littlefrog is one word, not two). Within a few years we were not only growing orchids, but also many terrarium plants for dart frog enthusiasts. Another local business, Josh's Frogs, started about the same time as we did, and we joined forces - I sold the plants and Josh sold everything else. It worked well until he outgrew my ability to keep up with the plant sales, and Josh hired a few people and started to supply his own plants. They do a great job! I still help them out, mainly with consulting. Recently we decided to 'rejoin' forces, and now you can find some of my plants (mostly orchids) listed on his website. In about 2010, we moved and I had a decision to make - move the greenhouse or start over. Given that moving the greenhouse the first time had been far more work than I anticipated, and that my township didn't seem too keen on me putting one up (sometimes it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission), I went with starting over. I now do virtually all of my growing in a converted (and heavily insulated) pole barn, using LED lighting. Some plants go outside in the summer, but otherwise everything is indoors with lights (there are no windows). Although it is difficult to grow some plants (mostly bigger plants), this has greatly reduced my heating expense and allows me to offer plants more inexpensively than many northern growers.