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United States
Kim Fedderson has been involved with Orchids since 1968, off and on. Following the freeze that killed 90% of my plants in Dec 2017, she still in a rebuilding mode. His primary interests are Vandaceous & Cymbidium, he also offers a variety of other hobby grower plants (Cattleya, Sarcochilus, Dendrobium, etc. etc.). With his pendulous Cymbidiums, he won 3 best in show awards in 2018 (SEPOS, NSOS & STOS). He will be bringing multiple plants of Cym Dorothy Stockstill 'Forgotten Fruit' AM/AOS in bud to the CAIOS show (trophy winner in the NSOS show, photo attached). This is a warmth tolerant plant, which is easy to grow into a specimen; mature plants produce up to 4 spikes from each lead.