Phal. pulcherrima in Cultivation by Members

Found 9 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Adam Almeida Phal. pulcherrima var. champorensis alba Used to be Doritis. This species typically grows lithophytically or terrestrially in its natural habitat, even growing in nearly full sun exposure. The plant has sturdy leaves and produces a spike ... Read more This is an adaptable species and as such I have it growing in conjunction with my other Phalaenopsis. They grow in about 70% shade, get watered every other day and get fertilized with everything el... Read more
IRINA A KARTASHEVA Phal. pulcherrima
Laura Urban Phal. pulcherrima
Renee Hawes Dor. pulcherrima var. blue bark and moss
Renee Hawes Dor. pulcherrima var. marmorata '' bark and moss
Steven Kirincich Dor. pulcherrima
Terence Kew Dor. pulcherrima var. coerulea
Vincenzo Palleschi Dor. pulcherrima var. marmorata
Xavier Garcia Alarcon Dor. pulcherrima