Onc. Sweet Sugar in Cultivation by Members

Found 6 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
John Small Onc. Sweet Sugar I bought this "Sun Bulb-Better Grow bag baby' at my local Lowe's. There was no name tag in the bag with the plant, but the photo tag attached to the plastic bag stated it was an Oncidium ampliatum.... Read more Net pot with charcoal, fir bark and vermiculite, outdoors with lots of light, but not strong sun light.
Mary Lane Oncsa. Sweet Sugar var. Lemon Drop Deep yellow Spaghnum moss plastic pot. Kept moist and light shade under Cassia tree, morning light.
Paula Babbicola Oncsa. Sweet Sugar 18-20 C in winter, 25-30 C in summer. Sphagnum/bark media.
Quinlan Cijntje Onc. Sweet Sugar medium: mounted on wood with moss water: 3x per week fertilize: 1x per week light: bright
Ralph C Onc. Sweet Sugar var. Lemon Drop 'Lemon Drop'
William Gorski Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Kaendar' course orchid mix, partial sun screened lanai