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Cyrtopodium parviflorum

One of the species from the Aripo Savanna

Cyrtopodium parviflorum Lindl., London J. Bot. 2: 672 (1843). This name is accepted

Cyrtopodium parviflorum Lindl










Formerly known as Cyrtopodium broadwayii this rare terrestrial orchid occurs in the Aripo Savanna. The Aripo Savanna has been declared a protected Environmentally Sensitive Area by the Trinidad and Tobago Environmental Management Authority and access is allowed only by permit. No removal of species is allowed.

The plants are relatively small. The pseudobulbs, about 15 cm long are initially wrapped by the narrow, short or long leaves to 50cm long; but later the pseudobulbs usually lack leaves or they remain shrivelled and fixed to the pseudobulbs for a long time. It grows in marshy or dry areas, between 100m to 1,500m. This species occurs from Brazil through northern South America.

Due to the nature of the tropical savanna soils which are extremely wet during the rainy season and parched during the dry season, pot culture of this orchid is extremely difficult.

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