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Dracula lortax plant grown by Laura Urban.

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Grower is Laura Urban

Located in Meriden, Connecticut, United States

Dracula lortax plant grown by Laura Urban.
Description: The Clown Dracula. - It is a miniature sized, warm to cool growing epiphytes. -Dracula lotax is native to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Its natural habitat is the fresh and humid mountain woods, where it grows as an epiphyte on the trunks of trees, covered with mosses, at 800-1600 meters above sea level. - Flowers are 2x8 cm in size that looks similar to a monkey face.
Culture: LIGHT: Prefers a medium-low intensity of light: about 10000-13000 lux. The plant must be protected from direct sunlight. The recommended photoperiod is 10-12 hours. TEMPERATURE: Adapts well to intermediate conditions: with 71-75 ° F during the day and 61-63 ° F at night. WATER: The substrate must always remain moist but not wet, then it gets wet as soon as it has dried sufficiently but not much. Apart from the regular watering, this orchid also likes the daily vaporization of the upper part of the substrate. REST: Not stimulated by the rest period, but only by the daily changes in temperature between day and night. In winter, the amount of water for the plant can be somewhat reduced, and fertilization should also be reduced or completely eliminated until strong waterings resume.

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