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  1. Gonzalo Rotondaro
    over 1 year ago
    DO NOT expose to direct sunlight unless it just a "warm" light. I have one which one time I forgot to get it out of the sunlight at noon...summer....and many leaves just got literally burned. Now its growing well again.

Cattleya (Sophronitis) cerna plant grown by Laura Urban.

This plant is not matched to the orchid database

Grower is Laura Urban

Located in Meriden, Connecticut, United States

Cattleya (Sophronitis) cerna plant grown by Laura Urban.
Description: The Nodding Sophronitis. -Miniature-sized, with yellow/orange flowers. Warm growing occurs in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, where it grows both epiphytic and lithophyte on rocky slopes or trees often so close to the sea or in lowland trees at sea level.
Culture: BLOOM TIME: Spring. LIGHT: Bright sunlight, tolerate direct morning and evening sun. During the whole year, the duration of a day of light must be at least 10 hours. WATER: Directly depends on the overall temperature of the content, the higher it is, the more often and abundant the water. Plants growing on blocks should be watered daily in the morning so that the roots of the orchids could dry out relatively well by evening. HUMIDITY: 75-90% REST: Does not need any period of rest **The refusal of the flowering of the orchid can be caused by insufficient illumination, too hot content, the absence of nighttime temperature drops (especially at the time when the new orchid sprout reaches 1/2 of its standard size), or by the stress state of the plant (bad root system, regular overheating..).**

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