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Angcm. didieri

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Grower is Laura Urban

Located in Meriden, Connecticut, United States

Description: Didier's Angraecum. Miniature to small-sized Found in Madagascar, where it grows epiphytic on trees in humid evergreen forests at an altitude of 600 to 1500 meters above sea level. The flowers are fragrant and white and appear from the sinuses between the leaves, about 5 cm in diameter.
Culture: BLOOM TIME: April - June. LIGHT: Loves bright sunlight and is able to tolerate the direct morning and evening sun. TEMPERATURE: Prefers a warm temperature regime, however, it can calmly adapt to a colder content. Day temperature at 70-95 ° F; Night temperature at 61-70 ° F. Should be 5 ° F cooler at night. WATER: Directly depends on the total temperature of the content, the higher it is, the more often and abundant it will be necessary to water. The substrate between waterings should dry well, but in no case is more than two days completely dry. HUMIDITY: Humidity level of 50% (ideally 65-80%).

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