Den. farmeri in Cultivation by Members

Found 10 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Alessandra Longoni Den. farmeri var. x Pierardii Bark
Gilda Gómez Den. farmeri Hanging mounted bare root on tree fern totem, outdoors, SE sun.
Gilda Gómez Den. farmerii
Günther Eilers Den. farmeri
Günther Eilers Den. farmeri
Lauren Hutchison Den. farmeri Seedling at the moment Orchid mix of bark, charcoal and perlite in a clay orchid pot. Living indoors in colder months, but i will experiment with it in the greenhouse during late spring for it to enjoy warm to hot locati... Read more
Mark Stedman Den. farmeri
Terence Kew Den. farmerii
Terry Moore Den. farmeri
Terry Moore Den. farmeri var. x Dendrobium thyrsiflorum drier cooler winter, water copiously when new growths start