Aer. odorata in Cultivation by Members

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Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Adam Almeida Aer. odorata Vandaceous epiphyte from all over southeast Asia. Plant grows relatively large and tends toward a pendant growth style. Flowers are extremely fragrant and long-lasting. This is a large division tha... Read more I grow this plant with my vandas, as it was grown in high light at Olomana Orchids. It is grown without media in a one-gallon plastic pot. This species likes hot conditions and thrives for me.
Andry Harmony Aer. odorata 'borneo' Grown naturally on Cupressus sempervirens, Bandung West Java 700m asl. Blooming once a year in December -January
Doris Bingham Aer. odorata
Kirsty B Aer. odorata
Mark Bennett Aer. odorata
Mary Lane Aer. odorata Hangs bare rooted with other Vandas under a Holly Tree with daily irrigation