Coel. esquirolii in Cultivation by Members

Found 8 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Colin Campbell Coel. flaccida 'Caramel x Self' Growing in a large squat pot of bark and perlite mix. It has an outdoor easterly aspect in order to limit exposure to morning sun, thereby preventing leaf scald.
Günther Eilers Coel. flaccida
Günther Eilers Coel. flaccida
Günther Eilers Coel. flaccida
Gustavo da Silva Coel. flaccida Suspended clay pot, epiphytic mixture, grown outdoors in Sintra (Lisbon, Portugal)
Jefferson Lenzi Coel. flaccida
Marli Guarino Coel. flaccida Resistent plant with oblong pseudobulbs, and ten or more strongly scented flowers in each pendent scapes. The scent resembles a mix of fruits, like pineapple and orange. Produces lots of new pseud... Read more Mix of pine bark, charcoal and a few humus. I use foliar fertilizant each 2 weeks and bokashi monthly.
Vanessa Monteiro Coel. flaccida