Psh. radiata in Cultivation by Members

Found 10 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Adam Almeida Psh. radiata From Central America and Northern South America. Medium-sized epiphyte which puts out sprays of short, many-flowered inflorescences. These flowers are spicily fragrant, non-resupinate, and have hea... Read more Grown under 50% shade in a shallow 12-inch plastic pot, filled with coarse bark mix including perlite and hapu'u fibers. Watered every third or fourth day.
Alessandra Longoni E. radiata Mounted on cork
Caren Rom Psh. radiata
G. K. Psh. radiata
G. K. Psh. radiata
Henry Shaw Ahl. radiatum In medium fir bark
Jeanne M Uzar E. radiata
Nestor Moreno Martinez Ahl. radiatum
Stefan Neher Psh. radiata
Tanya Lam E. radiata