Psh. cochleata in Cultivation by Members

Found 12 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Carrie Buchman Psh. cochleata 'Black Jack' Specimen plant in a 12" wood basket lined with coir and filled with chunky bark.
Clint Dalrymple Psh. cochleata Repotme cattleya, slot pot in a larger terra cotta pot with 1cm space on each side for humidity
Jeanne M Uzar E. cochleata 'Seibels'
Jeanne M Uzar E. cochleata 'Seibels'
Mark Langdon Epi. cochleatum
Mark Schuyler E. cochleata
Mary Lane Psh. cochleata Hangs under a tree with eastern exposure
Michael J Clifford Psh. cochleata Semuc Champey, Guatemala; La Union Barrios, Guatemala
Phạm Thanh Hải Psh. cochleata
Renee Hawes E. cochleata Orchid Bark mix with moss
Steven Kirincich Psh. cochleata 'Pepe x Jules & Elaine'
Tom Kuligowski Psh. cochleata