Paph. insigne in Cultivation by Members

Found 7 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
G√ľnther Eilers Paph. insigne var. sanderae
Jeanne M Uzar Paph. insigne 'Harefield Hall'
Kevin Bergeson Paph. insigne
Kevin Bergeson Paph. insigne sanderae
Kirsty B Paph. insigne
Marli Guarino Paph. insigne Generous plant that easily produces an abundance of atractive flowers, both in pots or in the garden. I grow them in pots with humus and also in the garden (not sunny plot). They like less light and more water than my other orchids. I use foliar fertilizant each 2 weeks and bokashi monthly.
Nicholas Stein Paph. insigne 'American Hybrid'