Oecl. maculata in Cultivation by Members

Found 7 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Clint Dalrymple Oecl. maculata Florida invasive form, does not show the brown/bronze of some of the other forms available as i.e. monophylla Standard potting mix with added sand and pumice, pumice top layer. Received in bad condition, had to remove one leaf and have slowly spreading black mark on remaining leaf
Clint Dalrymple Oecl. monophylla Has bronze and browns on leaves compared to the green mottling of the Florida invasive form, supposedly has more pink to the flower as well. Not sure if search results showing this is the same as O... Read more Vendor mix was large bark, was not water retentive enough in my conditions. After losing the smaller growths, I changed it to paph mix.
James Bixler Oecl. maculata 1 quart container, coarse medium, AM sun (indirect filtered)
Michael J Clifford Oecl. maculata Tikal, Guatemala
Roberto Lizama Oecl. maculata This orchid grew naturally within my coffee plantation in Amatitlán Guatemala. Of terrestrial habit, on the leaves in the ground. I didn't notice it until it blossomed. I made a reservation to prev... Read more
Stefan Neher Oecl. maculata
Stefan Neher Oecl. monophylla