ORCHIDS.ORG Members with B. nodosa in Cultivation

Found 22 plants.
Member Orchid Name Culture
Laura Schulte B. nodosa
Phạm Thanh Hải B. nodosa 'minnie mouse' 1 B. nodosa 'Minnie Mouse'
Phạm Thanh Hải B. nodosa ''mas mejor' 1 B. nodosa ''Mas Mejor''
Alex Maximiano B. nodosa
gladys pérez-almiroty B. nodosa
S terry B. nodosa
Michelle S. Jones B. nodosa 50-80% humidity; watered after dry (1-2x/week, more in summer if necessary); southeast window, shaded; 65-80 degrees F; fertilized quarter strength liquid fertilizer 1x/month
Quinlan Cijntje B. nodosa medium: mounted on tree water: 3x per week fertilize: 1x per week light: bright (sometimes direct)
Jardin GrisCar B. nodosa
John Appelbaum B. nodosa
Linda Anderson Brassavola nodosa orchi 03 B. nodosa
michael j cook jr Image B. nodosa
nikki bauman Brassavola nodosa B. nodosa
Wayne Green Dsc03776 B. nodosa '"Big Jim" CCM / AOS' from Jim Roberts Suncoast Orchids
Terence Kew 20190503 110939 B. nodosa
Pamela Stegmaier 20190814 113625 B. nodosa 'Minnie Mouse' Grown in an open pot with bark, outside with morning sun only from Apr/May to Sep/Oct weather permitting, then grown indoors under lights.
Carol Holdren E120aab1 b516 448d 8f51 1bff547b4414 B. nodosa 'Minnie Mouse' This is mounted on wood. Gift from Bill Thoms. This is a great miniature Brassavola nodosa.
Chase Hubbard B. nodosa
Jeanne M Uzar B. nodosa 'Mendenhall x Susan Fuchs'
Mary Lane B. nodosa
Alessandra Longoni B. nodosa Bark - in basket
Sharie Heckaman B. nodosa 'Little Stars' Purchased October 2019. Mounted and previously bloomed