Hab. medusa in Cultivation by Members

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Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Adam Almeida Hab. medusa One of the easier terrestrial deciduous orchids that we can grow locally. The plant is small when out of bloom and mid-size when in flower. Blooms in the spring and summer on a terminal inflorescen... Read more This plant is grown in a tall three-inch pot in full sphagnum media. It is kept moist while green and growing and allowed to dry for a few days at a time once the blooms have finished. It is under ... Read more
Carol Holdren Hab. medusa This is a terrestrial that dies back in the cold weather. I plan on misting it in winter and putting it with my catesetums. It is in sphagnum moss.
Patricia solakian Hab. medusa
sarah lynne Hab. medusa
Tanya Lam Hab. medusae dry winter, no water from late Oct to Feb, mist lightly in March and April, start water again when new roots are at least one inch mid May. Water and fertilize heavily May - Sept.
Taylor Boyle Hab. medusa 3" pot, fir bark, perlite, organic material, blooming size deciduous tuber