Ons. Eye Candy in Cultivation by Members

Found 6 plants.
Member Orchid Name Description Culture
Colin Campbell Ons. Eye Candy 'Penny Candy' Bark and perlite mix. Northeast facing verandah. Limited exposure to morning sun to prevent leaf scald.
Jane Rawlings Ons. Eye Candy var. Eye Candy 'Penny Candy' Currently intermediate conditions inside, bright indirect light. Later on in Spring outside in dappled shade with the other orchids
Jeanne M Uzar Ons. Eye Candy 'Pinkie' Douglas Fir Seeding Bark
Nicolas Villarreal Ons. Eye Candy
Susan Maxwell Schmidt Ons. Eye Candy 'Pinky'
Vickie Seibert Ons. Eye Candy 'Pinkie' Just got her. Any suggestions appreciated! First Blooms!