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More Photos of plant Habenaria Tanager plant grown by David Nickerson.:

Habenaria Tanager blooms

Habenaria Tanager blooms close-up
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  1. Yahoo Alex
    3 months ago
    Wow, that is really nice!
  2. David Nickerson
    4 months ago
    Thanks Carol. I forgot to mention that we should make sure our partners do not toss the seemingly plant-less pots during winter. BTW, all of the four you so kindly gave me last fall have produced new growth and I can hardly wait for the spikes and blooms. Thank you again.
  3. Carol Holdren
    4 months ago
    David, that is fabulous!! Don’t let your wife throw it away! Only joking!

Habenaria Tanager plant grown by David Nickerson.

This plant is not matched to the orchid database

Grower is David Nickerson

Located in Stuart, Florida, United States

Habenaria Tanager plant grown by David Nickerson.
(Habenaria xanthocheila X Habenaria rhodocheila)
Jim Heilig
Description: Many bright orange blooms on multiple spikes last about 3-4 weeks in mid summer. Small plant reaching about a foot in height. Plant dies back after blooming and remains dormant from Aug/Sep thru Apr/May.
Culture: Growth emerges in spring from culm that overwinters beneath media. Once it emerges, water from bottom throughout growth and bloom cycle. Fertilize by adding dilute soluble to water monthly. Grown in 3" plastic pot in bright indirect light indoors. Shortly after blooms die, the entire plant above media dies also so I remove the dried brown remains and shelve the pot with monthly watering from above until new growth emerges in spring. May be re-potted while dormant but assure exact culm orientation is maintained in new media (fine bark or sphagnum).

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